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A little more background on Britta Lalena. I have been so inspired lately by Anthropologie and the new BoHo trend that has been hitting the streets. Headwraps are in and I LOVE it. I love hats but because of how much hair I have my head tends to overheat. I love headwraps because they leave some room for airflow and also keep your ears warm. Due to how much earlier it gets dark I have been forced to take my pictures indoors. I love how this shot turned out thanks to a LR action by Amanda Keeys. SeemsĀ reminiscentĀ of Great Gatsby. I can’t wait to get my hands on some more skeins of Malabrigo Sock so I can try out some more colorways. I will post pictures of a few more Britta Lalena Headwraps I have knit up soon.

So I have been thinking about my newest pattern an how little yardage is used. The wonderful thing about Malabrigo Sock is their skeins come in a lot of yardage. Usually more than 400 yards. My design uses up about a forth of that yardage. The great thing about that is there are a lot of patterns that you could make WITH the Britta Lalena. So here are a few examples.

Babbledy-Brook Socks
Gudrun's Aestlight Shawl
Jojo's Top


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