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    DIY: Removable Stitch Marker Gift

    I have never been a big user of stitch markers, until recently when I have been working on larger projects that involve colorwork or more intricate stitch work. If I ever needed any I would simply make tiny yarn rings out of another color and use those. The difficulty with yarn stitch markers is they aren’t removable and they are easy to loose in your work. I often found myself knitting them in and having to cut them out and then make new ones. One day I used paperclips and they worked great! They were removable and served their purpose. I have stepped up the quality once again with these…

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    Abigail Hood Knitting Pattern Release

    buy now or purchase from Etsy or Ravely As I was getting ready to post this pattern I started looking back to see when my last pattern release was…it has been over a year. So that begs the question, what on earth have I been doing for the last year? I had a baby, which is the best excuse…right? Anyway, I am finally back to it. So with no further delay here is my newest knitting pattern…the Abigail Hood. This adorable hood feels as though it has jumped from the page of your favorite Austen classic. It fits comfortably over long hair or short and covers the ears for a…

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    Homemade Gluten-Free Granola Recipe

    I have been asked many times to share the recipe for my gluten-free granola. It is the best granola recipe I have found (that is easier for me to say as it is my mother recipe not mine) and you can make it gluten free or not depending on your dietary needs. It is also dairy free and sugar-free as long as you don’t count honey as sugar. The best part about this recipe is it’s very easy to adjust and change depending on what you want in it. I have included a basic description of how to prepare different types of ingredients, but the specifics are up to you.…

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    More Adventuring with Flower Crowns

    Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons for flower crown creation. Truth is, I make flower crowns year round whenever I can. I remember the first time someone taught me how to braid a flower crown as a child, what a liberating feeling. That is what creating does for me, it is freeing. For this DIY I needed to get some photos of myself wearing the flower crown so I set up my camera with a Joby Pod on a chair and had my five year old focus and take the photos. He did a great job considering he has not used my camera before. The small photo shoot of…

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    Energizing Juice

    A couple of years ago I purchased a Jack LaLanne Juicer. I find that when I have juice regularly I feel so much better. I thought I would share one of my favorite juice recipes. You can add different amounts of each item depending on how sweet, tart, or spicy you want your juice to be. Not only is this juice packed with nutrients, it is energizing and detoxifying. Energizing Juice: Peeled Ginger: 1/2 inch to 1 inch slice (I peel my ginger with a spoon, it is very effective) Apple: 2 medium sized Granny Smith apples Lemon: 1/2 medium lemon (juice the peel also there are many nutrients that…

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    Creativity sometimes bursts forth in an unexpected outpouring, often because I feel overwhelmed. Somehow being creative allows me to feel a sense of control. When the laundry is overflowing every hamper and my children are wild and unruly I turn to seemingly unimportant tasks, such as re-potting plants. Sometimes they need the extra space and sometimes I just need a change of pace. Regardless, I frequently find myself moving plants from one location to another. Most recently I re-potted my crassula dubia (thank you Google!) using one of my milk-glass bowls and adding a rock and some ceramic mushrooms that I purchased on Etsy. Succulents always do so well in…

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    Making Jewelry Simple

    We are fully immersed in the “Do it Yourself Era.” The trend is fueled by nostalgia, this same nostalgia drives us back to fixie bikes, film cameras, and vinyls. My parents generation (the baby boomers) fled their roots to make a new life for themselves. They started businesses, created the current status quo for families (two kids, two cars, mid sized suburban home), and gave their children everything they didn’t have growing up. As a result the current generation of young people (20-30yr olds) and many others are trying to return to their roots and rediscover what makes things have emotional value. We can buy most things we want (made…

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    Logan Forrest McLaughlin

    I have not posted in a while because I recently had my fourth child. Logan Forest McLaughlin was born on February 5, 2013. Also I was sick for the last part of my pregnancy so it has been hard to find a time to sit and create let alone write about what I am creating. In anticipation of Logan’s birth, however, I did have some time to try my hand at some design. Here is the birth announcement I designed (I still need to print it). Front. Back. I so enjoyed designing this piece and I hope to have it printed eventually. It seems my life is a list of…

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    DIY: Christmas Jars

    Here is a look back at a DIY from last Christmas. I had so many requests of people wanting to repost it I thought I should bring it back for those who have not seen it before. Inexpensive, easy, and beautiful. Add a little re-purposed beauty to your holiday decor.   Thanksgiving is over, the official time to fill your home with wintery sights and scents is here. Most of my friends have their acts together and have the house fully decorated and full of holiday cheer. I have the issue every year that we don’t spend Christmas at home. We usually spend it with the grandparents. I love any…

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    Usually when a medium becomes too overused I tend to shy away from it. However in the case of Instagram there is something so beautiful and nostalgic about the art. A simple program that allows you to capture moments of your life and give them a vintage beauty. I find I do it more for myself than anything else. Anyway, here are a few shots from my Instagram stream. If you care to follow me you can find me with my username ejmac.