DIY: Peacock Feather Earrings

I posted some pictures of peacock feather earrings I made a while back. I thought I would do a tutorial for how to make them so if any of you are up for a fun summer jewelry project. I saw these a while back at Anthropologie for 40.00 or so. They only cost a couple of dollars to make which is more in my price range.

Materials Needed:

1. Jewelry Pliers

2. Peacock Feathers

3. Earring Hooks

4. Crimp Ends

5. Scissors

You should be able to find all of these supplies at your local bead or craft store. If you can’t I included links above. The peacock feathers come in SO MANY COLORS! Here are some turquoise feathers I just received in the mail.

To start, select two feathers that have the same eye shape and color.

Once you have chosen your feathers strip the feathers until they are the width you want your earrings to be.

Once they look like the above picture trim the stem down to a quarter of an inch long.

Place the feathers face down into the fold over crimp ends so that once you have folded down both sides of the crimp end, the flat side will be in the front.

Carefully with your pliers fold down each side of the crimp end so that it firmly holds the feather. Once you have crimped both feathers in to the crimp ends they should look like this from the back…

…and like this from the top.

Ply the lower hook on the earring hooks open with the pliers so you can slide the ring attached to the feather onto it.

Place the ring on the end of the crimp end onto the hook at the base of the earring wire. Make sure it is on so that the feather will face out when you put them in your ears. Once they are on the correct way squeeze the hook closed with your pliers. Once you have finished your earrings you can always trim the feathers so they are not so long. Trim the first feather and then lay it across the second feather to match the length and curve.

Now try them on and add a little flair to your outfit the next time you go out!


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