I have decided to do a series of posts of sightings of my work and designs. Here are some pictures of the Amazon Stripe Beanie I knitted for Allyson Baker. She did a birthday photo shoot with her darling baby boy, August and her husband Rich. I love how the photos turned out. You can see the whole post here. Here are a few images of her wearing her “favorite hat” (Amazon Stripe in Malabrigo Marino Worsted in Natural). I love seeing my designs in action. This is a hat I knitted myself but I would love to get some “sightings” of ┬áitems YOU have knit.

Allyson is a good friend and gifted artist. She made a beautiful silhouette necklace for me of my children. I will do a post on it soon. SO EXCITED! Here is her Etsy Store. They make great gifts for Mother’s Day.


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