Perspective and Framing

While I am testing my Lacy Fingerless Glove pattern I am doing a little photography. For whatever reason photography is a constant inspiration for me. It probably has to do with how beautiful the simplest things can look if you cut out their surroundings. In photography there are many important aspects but one I put a lot of value on is framing…with careful framing you can take a beautiful object out of its mundane or ugly surroundings and allow it to be singular. For example…the foxglove.

Beautiful…perfect…especially when viewed without its surroundings. Here is a photo with slightly wider framing.

A friend who was watching me take these photos commented on how interesting it is that no one would know about the water pipe system right next to the flower because of the angle and framing of the initial photo. That is all for this beautiful afternoon…except one more photo of an elderberry flower.

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