Small Comforts

I cannot explain how but warm drinks are inexorably linked to knitting in my mind. The perfection of the coziness of the drink being paired paired with the fuzziness of the project perhaps. I adore coffee as all my friends know and particularly love a cappuccino in the morning…erm…and afternoon. Here is a picture of my late morning cappuccino and a little something I have been working on. I snapped this image in the short window of time while my children were napping. As soon as I tuck them in I snatch up my latest project, pop in a film, and collapse on the couch to make something new. Check back soon I have a free baby hat pattern that I am working on. It should be ready any time…I just have to double check the stitch count.

If you like the treatment on this photo I am using Amanda Keeys‘ actions for Lightroom. They are absolutely wonderful…I honestly don’t know how I lived without them. If you don’t already know her knitting check it out her patterns are wonderful.

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