Thanksgiving and More

Happy Thanksgiving! I know it is several days late but I was not at home. I visited my parents in San Diego and got to work at their coffee shop. I have missed working in a shop environment. Also all the girls who work in the shop are wearing either my flower headband ear warmers or the Britta Lalena headwrap. They look amazing in them OF COURSE!

So now that I am home I have been working on the STRICTLY KNIT Flower Headband Earwarmer. I tried to get some better photos outside but because of the two feet of snow it was a little difficult photographing myself. I had to go back to my old routine of taking the shots in a mirror inside. I will be sending the pattern off for test knitting soon and then it will be up.

I think the first photo could easily be in a yearbook under the senior portrait section…yuck! Thought I had escaped that part of my life. That is what you get with the cropped sensor, a 50mm, and close quarters. Anyway the second picture I like better. Perhaps because I look like I am escaping from the photo. If you are interested in receiving an e-mail notification when this pattern is released you can sign up for my mailing list in the colomn to the left of this post.

Lastly I thought I would include some fun photos of the icicles on the outside of our house.


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