I have many sources for inspiration. As many of you have noticed Japanese Fashion is one of the main sources. When my sister recently returned from a year of leaving in Japan she brought back with her a Japanese Fashion magazine/book. It was titled PALM and I was instantly in love. You may remember “the girl in the terrarium” photo, that was the cover of the latest PALM issue. I have been trying to get my hands on the latest issue but the website is in Japanese so I couldn’t figure out how to purchase it. I went out on a limb and contacted the magazine directly and they are sending me the last two issues! I am so excited and I will definitely post pics when they get here. PALM produces breathtaking videos as well as web issues that are brilliant! Here are pictures from a few issues that I absolutely love the look of. I have included links in case you want to see more of each issue.

Love So Sweet

See more of this web issue…

Place of Repose

See more of this web issue…


To see more of this web issue…

There are also some amazing videos on the PALM website.

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