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    Knit Bow Tie

    I have had the idea for a while to make a pattern for knit bow ties. All three of my children were asked to be in a friend’s wedding. She had found the most amazing newsie hats at the Gap. I asked how she felt about the boys wearing knit bow ties and she loved the idea. Here are some photos of the bow ties. I will post more of the wedding photos when the photographer posts them. BOW TIES ARE COOL! Need I say more? He  is obviously thrilled to be dressed up. I matched the color-way (MadelineTosh DK Robin’s Egg) to the invites and the bridesmaid dresses. The…

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    Fall Color Palette

    Here are some colors I am loving for fall. I picked up these yarns at Twisted PDX. I visit Twisted any time I am in Portland OR. I love everyone who works there and their selection is wonderful. This yarn store is where I received the encouragement to start designing.   MadelineTosh DK color-ways Burnished, Fjord, Plucky Knitter’s MCN Primo Color-way Indy’s Silhouette, and MadelineTosh DK Winter Wheat Animal sweaters…dark colors…navy is back!     I cannot wait to knit a cowl in this…MadelineTosh Marino DK…I love this yarn.   More fall colors… The lace peeking out under Lauren’s skirt is a slip I made myself that I will do a…

  • DIY

    DIY: Braided Bohemian Headband

    Another headband tutorial! Be sure to check out the Single Strand Lace Headband and Double Strand Lace Headband. For this tutorial this is what you will need. Materials: 20 inches of three types of lace or ribbon. You may want to double up if one of your strands of lace or ribbon is significantly narrower than the others. As you can see in the picture I used two strands of the narrowest type of ribbon to even out everything. Scissors 2.5 inches of elastic Sewing Machine (glue will work also) EXTRAS: If you want to make the flower extras you will need. A silk flower, a button, some extra ribbon,…

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    Dandelion Photo Shoot

    My sister, the world traveler, is in the states for a month or two and has been visiting me. We are like minded in our love of photography. My sister Natalie is a, singer, dancer, writer, actress, and photographer. We both love fashion and creative photo shoots. It is so refreshing to have my sister with me because I can envision a photograph and create it WITHOUT being my own model. We found a beautifully huge dandelion while out on a walk. It inspired this photo shoot. I used it as a bit of a product shoot also the fingerless gloves pictured are a new pattern I have been working…

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    I have many sources for inspiration. As many of you have noticed Japanese Fashion is one of the main sources. When my sister recently returned from a year of leaving in Japan she brought back with her a Japanese Fashion magazine/book. It was titled PALM and I was instantly in love. You may remember “the girl in the terrarium” photo, that was the cover of the latest PALM issue. I have been trying to get my hands on the latest issue but the website is in Japanese so I couldn’t figure out how to purchase it. I went out on a limb and contacted the magazine directly and they are…

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    The Endless Braid is Here

    After testing, formatting, photographing, and LOTS of knitting the Endless Braid pattern is here! This two-in-one pattern includes both the “Winter Ear Warmer” and the “Summer Headband.” Now for sale on Ravelry and in my Etsy Store This pattern includes many extra variations… Here are some more photos ENJOY! I have had so much fun re-connecting with my best friend and younger sister Natalie Emmons. She has been in Osaka, Japan for the last year performing at Universal Studios Japan, also she has been pursuing a music career. I am so thankful she was willing to model for some photos of this pattern. More pictures to come!

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    So winter is definitely here. There is supposed to be a huge snow storm here in the mountains this weekend YIKES! I guess I best get to knitting up some more warm delights! I have been making up my list of gifts for people and trying to decide what to make and what to buy. I don’t have as much time as I used to so probably a little of both. For those of you in the same fix I have a little Holiday fun. In my Etsy store for a LIMITED TIME you can purchase three of my patterns for $11.00 This will allow you to get a few more patterns…

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    I have been working my poor  little wrists to death with custom orders. Here are a few pictures. The first one is in Naural and the second in Chapel Stone colorway. And just for fun here are a few pictures of some outfits I have been checking out on a Japanese site. I get a lot of my inspiration from Japanese fashion. My goal is to be able to buy direct from Japan at this point I am to afraid of the shipping costs! Let me know what you think!