Shower Ideas

I took some photographs of a friends shower a week or so ago and I just LOVED the little touches. Another friend of mine did the decorations and setup. For centerpieces she picked wild flowers and put them in canning jars. She had her husband cut rounds from a tree trunk they had and placed those under the canning jars.

If you haven’t figured it out yet I love wild flowers. I had so much fun getting pictures of them.

They also had a crepe bar. It was fabulous and such a great idea. Katie made the crepes the night before and there was a griddle on the table. All you had to do was throw your crepe on the griddle for thirty seconds and then add your filling.

There were also some pretty amazing tissue pom poms. They are so easy to make here is a Tutorial.

Make a few in the showers colors and then hang with fishing line.

I loved the attention to detail! Even the trash cans were decorated. It was all so beautiful.

Here is the lovely bride to be Jocey (on the right) and one of the the shower planners Katie is on the left.

Here is a picture of Jen the other shower planner and Tanner (one of the flower girls) and  Jocey. I hope these ideas are helpful it sure was a fun shower.


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