My Favorite Yarn {Giveaway Winner}

I am posting this late…much later than I had hoped. I just successfully completed the 9 hour trip from my parents house to my own…with all three kids…BY MYSELF! Having two year old twins is wonderful and complicated. All that to say I am sorry for the delay.

Now, before I announce the winner I wanted to answer the questions myself.

My Name: (obvious) Elisa McLaughlin

Who taught me to knit? My mother, and youtube. Mom covered the basics and I learned the rest from video tutorials.

Favorite Yarn: I love Malabrigo Worsted Merino and MadelineTosh DK but my favorite is anything from Skein Yarns. I love her sock yarns, the worsted silk is amazing. Here is a picture of some of her sock yarns. I am truly addicted. Kristin is brilliant…her color combinations and fiber choices are wonderfully inspiring.

And now for the giveaway results…

I numbered the comments chronologically starting with the first comment made. Then I plugged the numbers into and pulled comment number 14…made by…

Desiree M.

Congratulations Desiree please email me your address so I can ship out your yarn. ( Also it helps if I know which email address you want me to email the pattern to. Thank you to everyone who participated.

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