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Tips For Making Flower Crowns

My favorite thing to do while hiking is to make a flower crown. They are fairly simple in construction if you know what you are doing. Here are a few tips. When constructing a flower crown you want to find flowers with long supple stems. You will want to shy away from the flowers with stems that break easily or the kind that are very stiff. Those you can use later.

Once you have tracked down the perfect base flower pick a bunch and set them in front of you. Or maybe they are along your path and you can collect them as you go. Starting with three strands begin braiding. Sometimes it helps to intertwine a few flowers so your braid doesn’t unravel as you are making it. Once your braid has a good start begin adding one flower every few cross overs. This is just like french braiding hair. Add as you go and this will give you the length in the stems you need to keep braiding.

Once your flower chain has reached the desired length begin winding the upbraided stems with the flowers at the beginning of your braid. If you have an extra twist tie or piece of string I usually use that to secure the stems. It will ensure that your crown remains a crown for a little longer. Place on your head and revel in the beauty! I often give my flower crowns away to the first little girl who asks me for it. They are beautiful and do not last long. If you wish to add more flowers to the crown after it is finished just cut the stems very short and thread the flowers into the existing braid. This will allow you to use the flowers with an easily breaking stem.

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