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DIY: Hanging Mint Garden

One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was from my friend Allyson. These tea light hangers are such a great purchase and work really well as hanging terrariums. I have recently had a love of mint plants. They are so hearty and I adore anything that you can grow from a cutting…it increases my chances of keeping them alive.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a hanging terrarium.

1. Purchase this tea light hanger from CB2 or find one that is very similar.

2. Take a cutting of mint that has some roots attached to it. You can take a cutting of mint and put it in a glass of water for a week or so and it should grow roots if it is fresh enough. I took these off of one of my potted mint plants so the roots are more developed.

3. Cover the roots in dirt as much as possible with the space allowed in the terrarium. Soak the dirt thoroughly with water to give the plants what they need to take root in their new home.

4. Using string twine or ribbon tie a knot through the ring at the top of the terrarium and hang from your ceiling. I used a thumb tack through a knot in the string to hang it from the ceiling.

5. Water your mint plant daily with a spoonful or two of water.

I have two mint plants hanging in my kitchen window now and I love the extra green in my home during winter!

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