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Saving Upholstered Furniture

Ok so this is ANOTHER coffee shop post. The great thing about doing the decor for the shop on a tight budget is it is forcing me to be super creative. I will share what I find with you so ultimately you benefit. Don’t know if that actually makes sense but I am going to go with it. Please excuse any decrease in the understandability of my posts. Opening shifts at the shop start at 4:30am so I am sleep deprived and slightly overloaded. Ok onto todays post. I have been scouring craigslist for possible sofas, chairs, tables and other interesting furniture for the shop. I would love to drop a load of cash on this beauty.

Or this gorgeous piece…

If you have an interest in following my musings and inspiration for the decor of our new coffee shop check out my pinterest board.

Since I do not have an unlimited budget here is what I am doing. I found this lovely upholstered chair at a local thrift shop for 40 dollars. I absolutely love it except for the greasy head stain. Here is an idea I came up with to cover the stain. It is so easy just grab a crochet runner, place mat, or even layer vintage crochet doilies over the top.

Here is the chair pre-doily.

And after! I may try to get the stain out with dry cleaning solution or some other miracle worker. Until then I actually think I like this a lot.

It adds a beautiful personal touch since I will be hand stitching it.


It makes me want to do a patch work piece of furniture though I think I lack the time. Here is one I found online.

This couch is a Squint Limited piece. I love the bohemian patchwork feel of their furniture. I am not incorporated such saturated colors in the shop but I love the idea of creating a patchwork cover for an upholstered piece.

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