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DIY: Dreamcatchers

I have been waiting to do this post for a while. Handmade dreamcatchers made with vintage doilies. I saw something similar to this on only they cost upwards of $100.00. I am always inspired to create when the alternative is spending lots of money.

So here we go! First there are a few materials you will need to complete this project.

1. Feathers – I found the most amazing feathers at moonlight┬áHere are the links to the feathers I used for this project. I also recommend them for hair extension feathers.

Large Reeves Pheasant Feathers

Small Reeves Pheasant Feathers

Macaw Feathers

2. Vintage Doily – the one pictured is actually a new, purchased from JoAnn’s fabrics. The other doily I used was purchased from an antique shop.

3. Sticks – ok so this part is a little tricky, I found pliable sticks and I tied them in a circle so they would dry that way. You can use anything that is strong enough to hold its shape but pliable enough to shape into a circle.

4. lace and ribbon anything you want to use to hang from the sides of the dream catcher.

5. Hemp String – I used this to secure the doily. It works great because it is stiff and you can thread it though the edges of the doily without having to use a needle and thread or crochet hook.

6. Wooden Beads – These and anything else you want to hang from the edge of the dreamcatcher.

7. Yarn – (not pictured) I used remnants from knitting projects. The blue was sock weight and the yellow was DK weight.

8. Glue – (also not pictured) You can use whatever kind of glue you want to attach the feathers to the twine and lace.

Excuse the quality of the photos for the directions. I took them with my iPhone on my way to a wedding. The first thing to do is cover the sticks or secure them together. I tightly wound yarn around them until they were completely covered. If you like the natural look of the raw branches you can wind more loosely.

Once you have completely wound the sticks in yarn tie in the end and you can move on to the next step.

Place the vintage doily in the center of your ring. You can start wherever you want with the hemp string. Wind the hemp string around the outside and every time you wrap through the ring put it through the edge of the doily.

Once you finish tie off the hemp string. Next tie strands onto either side of the dream catcher. I tied lace and jute and hemp string all together on the either side. Also tie a twelve inch stand to the top of the dream catcher. The twelve inch strand will become the loop you hang your dream catcher from.

Tie beads to the bottom of the lace and twine and attach feathers. You can use glue to attach the buttons and feathers.

Here is the finished product. They will hang in my room somewhere, I just have to figure out where.


Hang them up and enjoy!

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