DIY: Princess Skirt

My daughter Fiona is two and a half and crazy about dressing up. She manages to look as if in costume in her regular clothes, due to her pairings and┬ácolor combinations. I adore her creativity and wild personality. For Christmas I decided I would make her a dress up box…well I didn’t make the box actually, I made what was in it. I thought I would post a quick tutorial on how to make this adorable princess skirt out of tule. It really is so simple and all you need is a sewing machine, 2 yards of tule, scissors, 16-25 inches of elastic and a safty pin.

So…here we go. When you buy tulle from the fabric store it will come pre-folded it is 54 inches in width total so folded it will be around 27 inches in length. I purchased 2 yards of each color that I wanted to make a skirt out of.

Lay your tulle flat and keep it folded so that it will be 2 yards long and 27 inches wide.

As you can see my children were standing on my tulle…they like to stand on, well, everything I try to make. Once you have it laying flat fold it length wise. It will now be aproximately 14 inches in width and still 2 yards in length.

After you have folded your tulle, twice over, sew along the folded side about an inch from the edge.

Using a safety pin, I didn’t have one on hand, attach it to a 15-20 length of elastic and thread it through the sewn area.

Once you have threaded the elastic through cross it over itself and double check that it has not twisted.

Sew the elastic together with an overlap.

After sewing the elastic even out the skirt so it is evenly ruffled. The split at the back will be hardly noticeable with four layers of tulle. You can leave it as is or you can follow the next instructions to give one or more layers the knotted look.

First lay your skirt so that a single layer of tulle is on top. and seporate that layer from the rest. Then take scissors and cut at one inch intervals around four inches up.

Continue until you have repeated this process all the way around the skirt.

Starting at one end tie two of the cut pieces together in a knot and then move to the next two and continue this process all the way around the skirt.

Once you finish the skirt will have a little added frill. You can do this on all four layers of the skirt to make it extra frilly for your little girl.

My little lovely layers 3-4 of these skirts at a time. It definitely results in  her having a cupcake look.

The end result is so cute and they are SO inexpensive.


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