Handwritten Letters

I have started hand writing letters in an attempt to create some authenticity in my communication with my friends. I have been growing increasingly tired of the flat and impersonal form of communication. Email and facebook and all other forms of electronic communication lack something that the hand written word expresses. I have been using sketch paper and folding it in slightly complex ways allows me to sketch in my letters. It also resembles the old fashioned letter writing of Jane Austen’s time.

As an extra fun addition to my letters I used this wax seal kit my sister got me from Venice, Italy. It has a monogram M that can be either printed text or script.

Once my letter was finished I addressed my envelope.

I have a lot to learn about sealing letters. It was a lot more complicated than I thought it would be.

Melting the wax was the complicated part. Melting it so that it was thick enough to take the seal.

I used a match to melt the wax and then smashed the melted part of the stick onto the area of the letter I wanted to seal. After reading this tutorial online I realized I did it correctly I just need more PRACTICE!

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