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I have been looking at Valentine’s cards when I am out at the store and I have been really disappointed in what is out there. I decided to make my own and figured others might benefit from it.

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You can print this card out (simply click on the image or link above), it has the tea stain look incorporated into the image. Simply cut it out along the tea stain edge, fold it, write in it and pop it in an envelope for someone special.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I have to say it isn’t my favorite holiday, mostly because it is a holiday of expectations. Met or exceeded it is about what our loved one is going to do for us. My sister told me a while ago to think of Valentine’s Day as a chance to do something special for my husband. It was the perfect mental switch I needed.

So what have I been working on for my husband? Well I have written a few love notes to my husband telling him how proud of him I am and how thankful I am to have him. I have not yet figured out what to do on Valentine’s Day but I have a few plans in the works. One will come in the form of the card above. Here is what one of the others looked like. I actually started giving him notes already…why wait.

A hand written note has so much meaning, why let someone else say what you can say on your own. It is more personal, it takes more time and thought. If you set out to make your loved one feel special and unique this Valentine’s Day, I would encourage you to do so with out any expectations. It isn’t as meaningful or special if your gifts are backed by expectations. Good luck!

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