Tea Cup Collection

I started collecting tea cups a year or two back. I have had wonderful luck finding tea cups at thrift stores and antique shops. The one thing that is really good to watch for is that the tea cups and saucers do not have cracks. Check that if they have a backstamp that both the cup and the saucer have matching stamps. A lot of times saucers and cups get miss matched and this takes away from the value if you have a miss-matched set. Here are some examples of backstamps. They are found on the under side of a tea cup and saucer. Often you can date and price your cup and saucer based off of the backstamp. Here are a couple of pictures of backstamps.


I love my tea cups and I really love taking photos of them. I love them so much I decided to stack them up and take pictures of them. This is just one of the weird ideas I have come up with while trying to find fun things to photograph. It was quite a task stacking all these tea cups. I am very thankful they didn’t fall over.

This is one of my favorite tea cup and saucer sets. It is Paragon Bone China. I haven’t figured out what the pattern is but I love the color and pattern.

This is another one that I love. It is Royal Tuscan Bone China.


  • Annie

    Please don’t do that to your lovely teacups! It even bothers me when people even stack a couple to display. I really do enjoy seeing pictures of your teacups and I spotted at least one that I have as well (the Russian one stacked about 4th). Paragon is one of my favorite to collect. How do you display your collection?

    • elisa

      I only stacked them like that for the photo. I don’t display my collection much at the moment (living with family), I hope to be able to soon. I love paragon any time I happen on one in an antique shop I snatch it up.

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