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DIY: Gift Wrapping (part 1)

Using this free download you can inexpensively (and easily) wrap gifts for the holidays. Check out this tutorial for how you can make these tags out of brown paper grocery bags. Also see below for a tutorial on how to tie up your gifts a little differently.

I love twine! Wrapping like this is easy I used old paper from Anthropologie that was used to wrap up some bowls I purchased. Here is a little photo tutorial on how to tie your gifts like this.

Wrap some twine around the front of your gift and then flip it over.

Twist the twine together until it you have around two inches of twisted fiber then split the twine and wrap it back around the front of the gift.

Once your gift is facing forward tie off the twine and tuck in a tag and a little something natural to add to the look. I used a dried leaf that I spray painted. Which I will be posting a tutorial for later in the week.


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