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    Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a lovely holiday, mine was low key and wonderful. I am so thankful for so many things. It has been months since I have posted anything to my blog. I have had many reasons and with the holidays passing I felt a need to give an update and get my rear in gear with my posts. My lack of presence has not been due to a lack of creating, quite the contrary, I have been in creative overload for the last five months. After moving down from Hume, CA to my home town of San Diego, my family and I began the arduous…

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    Knitting in Kenya

    About a month ago I recieved an email from a woman who works with the organization I. N. Network International Needs USA. She told me that she had recently used my beginning knitting pattern “Its a Cinch Head Wrap” to teach some women in Kenya how to knit. I was so excited to hear more so I wrote her back asking for details and another woman from I. N. Network sent me the whole story. I was so moved by the email and photos she sent me that I thought I would share. It is so overwhelming to have something I created used to help women in need. Thank you,…

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    “Smock it to Me” Head Wrap

    “All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost.” J. R. R. Tolkien {RAVELRY}      $5.00       {ETSY} Created for the bohemian traveler this head wrap is versatile and easy to make. Due to the small size of this project you can knit it on a train or double-decker bus. You can keep the finished head wrap in your purse for the surprise storm or cold spell. It is reversible just in case you aren’t in the mood for the pattern, just turn it inside out for…

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    Inspiration is Everywhere

    I have been waiting to do this post until I was ready to release my newest pattern. My most recent pattern like many others was knit up using Skein Yarns. I knit this head wrap up in her Marino Silk Worsted weight yarn. Colorways from Top Down  1. Inkstone  2. Pastel Sky  3. Wild Apple I also knit this head wrap up in Spartan Merino Worsted which Skein does not offer for sale any more but is very similar (slightly heavier gauge) to Malabrigo Merino Worsted. I used this head wrap in my pattern photos because it best fit the look of the photo shoot. I asked Kristin (the fiber…

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    Dearest Nature Interview

    Recently I was contacted by the primary writer for dearestnature.com and was asked to do a feature post all about my creative space. I was honored and so enjoyed the process of cataloguing things in my environment that inspire me. If you would like to see the full interview simply click on the photo below. I have included a couple of photos from the post for your perusal. Be sure to pop on over to dearestnature.com and check it out. I love everything about it especially the photography. Breathtaking!  

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    Sneek Peek

    Coming the end of this week “Smock it to Me” head wrap. Much to my chagrin this pattern is being released long after it should have been. For those who have been waiting…my apologies! My life has been a whirlwind of chaos for the last four months. We are a couple of weeks out from opening the second location of our coffee shop. If you want to keep track of the work I have been doing on the decor of the coffee shop you can check out our tumblr account HERE. So much work to be done. My sister is in town for a short time so we have been…

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    Tea Cup Collection

    I started collecting tea cups a year or two back. I have had wonderful luck finding tea cups at thrift stores and antique shops. The one thing that is really good to watch for is that the tea cups and saucers do not have cracks. Check that if they have a backstamp that both the cup and the saucer have matching stamps. A lot of times saucers and cups get miss matched and this takes away from the value if you have a miss-matched set. Here are some examples of backstamps. They are found on the under side of a tea cup and saucer. Often you can date and price…

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    DIY: Fabric Banner

    Ok so after seeing these at the wedding I went to recently. I had to make my own!!! I used vintage sheets for the fabric also a few yards of some fabric I picked up at Joann’s Fabrics. I cut a small incision and ripped two inch segments of the fabric. Then I used jute rope and tied the strips of fabric to the rope. The sheets I used to make curtains for my room. The length was essential. If you are doing a long banner without using sheets be sure to purchase the length you want. If you want them to be two yards long purchase two and a…

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    Re-purposed Bridesmaid Bouquet

    I had the enormous pleasure and honor of being in the wedding of two close friends this weekend. It was such an overwhelmingly beautiful ceremony. It was filled with so many personal touches. Not only did Karley (the groom) and Lauri (the bride) build a house but they also planned a wedding (with the help of their wonderful family). Both Karley and Lauri are so creative. The result was a wedding that left me inspired. I took some photos of the reception decorations and some of the bridesmaids and flowers. Enjoy the inspiration! I was in the wedding and helped with flowers and decorations so I didn’t get to take…

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    DIY: Dreamcatchers

    I have been waiting to do this post for a while. Handmade dreamcatchers made with vintage doilies. I saw something similar to this on freepeople.com only they cost upwards of $100.00. I am always inspired to create when the alternative is spending lots of money. So here we go! First there are a few materials you will need to complete this project. 1. Feathers – I found the most amazing feathers at moonlight feathers.com Here are the links to the feathers I used for this project. I also recommend them for hair extension feathers. Large Reeves Pheasant Feathers Small Reeves Pheasant Feathers Macaw Feathers 2. Vintage Doily – the one pictured…